My First Post

February 18, 2013

Hey there. I’m Ken. Welcome to my blog. A little about me. I’ve been a professional website developer for many years. I have a deep interest in anything technology and want to expand my horizons outside of just website development. I plan on using this space to share my experiences with experiments both inside and outside of my comfort zone. Some topics you’ll find on this blog include:

  • Javascript
  • CSS2 / 3
  • HTML4 / 5
  • PHP
  • SEO
  • iOS
  • Servers
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Subversion systems
  • Node.js
  • and whatever else tickles my fancy.

I chose this platform over creating my own because I would prefer to focus on my experiments rather than writing a new website. I chose tumblr because of the community and sharing capabilities. So feel free to read my blog and repost things of interest to share with your followers.


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