Day 1 of SMX East 2014

October 1, 2014

It was a great day today at SMX East 2014 in New York City. I’ve met some cool people, learned some new things, and refreshed on others. Some key sharable takeaways that I picked up from the sessions I attended are:

  • SEO is not a project
  • Check your website log files to see how Google actually accesses your site
  • Social is the authentic face of a brand
  • IF social is discovery, THEN search is validation
  • When researching your competitors, there is no “magic metric” to base off of. It depends who your online competitors are and your market.
  • Pull data, record, watch!
  • Today’s grey hat is tomorrow’s black hat. Today’s white hat is tomorrow’s grey hay
  • Twitter cards and Facebook Open Graph is some pretty powerful stuff if implemented correctly
  • "Go ahead and do it!"

There’s some food for thought for the night before becoming crammed with more gems tomorrow.

If you are at the conference and have a little down time tomorrow, tweet me (@kenhkelly) and let’s meet up and talk some shop.

If you need a mobile friendly handy access to the agenda, check out my mobile pocket agenda (removed).


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