SMX East 2014 Wrap Up

October 21, 2014

BLOG - SMX East Wrap Up

It has been a few weeks since SMX East 2014 in NYC. I’m still digesting all of the great stuff that I’ve learned. It’s a little delayed, but I wanted to share the rest of my takeaways from days two and three with you all. So here we go!

  • Schema can be used for practically anything.
  • 99% of SEOs still do SEO in a tactical manner (1 keyword + variations). SEO today is strategic – One researched topic for a landing page.
  • Make your content more holistic.
  • You cannot trick Google into ranking you just because you have your keywords in your headings and titles. You need content that backs that up (e.g. having a page about 15 tips of something, only without listing any tips – no good).
  • Search Engine Optimization is about Search Experience Optimization.
  • Schema has been updated to support JSON-LD allowing you to mark up a page without doing it inline.
  • Some email clients can support schema to offer a convenient experience for users (e.g. Gmail cards)
  • Don’t underestimate how powerful on-page optimization can be for local and local-organic results.
  • On-page optimization still matters.
  • Keep experimenting.
  • You need a strong and fast mobile experience, or you will be left behind.
  • If you have a business you want people to visit, have a Places page.
  • When filling out a local listing, don’t skip the website. It’s a local link to a local website.
  • Google understands more than we think they do.
  • SEO accounts for 20% of leads in a business’s first year.
  • Keywords can be ambiguous (e.g. subway the sandwich maker or subway the transportation system?).
  • Google has moved from strings to things.
  • Consistency is community; inconsistency is phony.
  • Utilize the resources you have for creating content.
  • You can learn a ton by watching a customer review your product.
  • Go after the customers of tomorrow, not the past (so much).

Overall, the conference was excellent. I cannot wait to go back for my fourth year next October. If you attended and would like to share some of your takeaways, please do in the comments section.

Until next time – Take care

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