Google Down, Yahoo Up After Firefox Deal

January 7, 2015

StatCounter has just released some new data that shows an interesting shift in traffic. Yahoo’s search traffic has increased almost 2 points at the cost of Google. Yahoo’s share is now at 10.4% in December as opposed to 8.6% in November, while Google is at 75.2%, down from 77.3%. Bing rose .4% to 12.5% in share.

Let’s not kid ourselves though, Google is still the big dog in search, but this shift in a mere month should intrigue all of us. After all, December was the first full month that Firefox has in place its Yahoo deal where they made Yahoo the default search engine for the next 5 years. Given that Firefox has about 16% of the browser market share, this could further hurt Google’s massive lead.

We’ll need to keep an eye out and see where this will go, but for now, congratulations to Yahoo on having the highest search share it has seen since 2009.

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